Some Graduates from YEA!

Niamani Knight was a student in the YEA! Lancaster Chamber of Commerce class in California. Look what she created for her business! You an find out more at her website:

2012 YEA! graduate from Boca Raton, FL, Rachel Zietz, appeared on Shark Tank with her company, Gladiator Lacrosse. Although she did not strike a deal, she wowed the investors, including Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, with her incredible achievement and business acumen at such a young age, and her business continues to thrive!
RJ Batts is the founder of Picklehead LLC and the inventor of the Tip Tough, a stainless steel finger guard that protects the fingers and knuckles from being cut when preparing food. Since the launch of Picklehead LLC, RJ has sold over 150 Tip Toughs, is being featured in two local stores and is also in talks with Bed, Bath & Beyond about a possible regional launch and “As Seen on TV” for national distribution.


Jessy Huang is a graduate of the 2015-2016 YEA! Frisco class at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce in Texas. While she was in YEA!, Jessy created Creaduh, a company dedicated to promoting the education and awareness of 3D printing to Frisco’s youth, so they can utilize the technology and create something beneficial in the future.