10/25/16 Class 1

Welcome to our first class! Please begin by taking the opening survey for the program. Then we will learn some basics about business and do some beginning brainstorming! Class 1 SlideShow 6:30pm--Welcome! Brandin Cohen from Liquid-IV Watch this video about Liquid IV's business plan, which involves giving as they receive. https://liquid-iv.com/mission/ HOMEWORK Fill out the questionnaires. … Continue reading 10/25/16 Class 1

Some Graduates from YEA!

Niamani Knight was a student in the YEA! Lancaster Chamber of Commerce class in California. Look what she created for her business! You an find out more at her website: https://streamkidsexpo.org. 2012 YEA! graduate from Boca Raton, FL, Rachel Zietz, appeared on Shark Tank with her company, Gladiator Lacrosse. Although she did not strike a deal, she … Continue reading Some Graduates from YEA!

Collecting and Paying Sales Tax

Here's an article about taxes: https://www.sba.gov/blogs/sales-tax-101-small-business-owners-and-online-retailers Here's Ms. Thomas's synopsis: If you are making a product that you will sell, you do not have to pay sales tax, because you are not the end-user. You need to look into getting a buyer's exemption certificate. A service does not need to collect sales tax. If you sell something to a … Continue reading Collecting and Paying Sales Tax