Lesson 21

Today we are looking at your Press Releases and going over your presentations yet again! But first, some reminders!


  • You must have the charts that are shown on the master. Everyone’s charts must look the same. You need:
    • The Start-Up Chart
      • Make sure it includes all of the costs you anticipate needing
        • business cards, stickers, fliers, banners, advertising, etc.
      • Make sure it is accurate to the penny
    • The Financing Chart, which includes your Investor Ask


  1. Your business plan and slideshow MUST match.
  2. You can only use Investor money on items on your business plan Start-Up Chart.
  3. You first must demonstrate that you have spent the money from your personal investment and the family/friends ON ITEMS IN YOUR BUSINESS PLAN in order to access your investor money.
  4. You will only be reimbursed for items on your business plan Start-Up Chart. 
  5. You must submit a Request for Reimbursement form for all money you want reimbursed. This allows us to check your business plan to make sure you are spending according to your business plan.

3/27 Lesson 20

Today is a clean-up day!!

  1. Finish your business introduction and the rest of the required information on this document.

  2. Present your “elevator pitch” to the class– your 10-20 second introduction to you and your business that you will say when you meet the Investors and others at the Investor Panel. WRITE IT DOWN FIRST. This should be memorized and smooth.

  3. Press Release– this is how the newspapers find out about your business! When you finish your Press Release, we will send it to the local newspapers.

    1. Watch this video
    2. Read this example from Liquid IV
    3. This is a template for how to write your own Press Release
      1. Use information from your business plan!
    4. GROUP BRAINSTORM– where will se send these press releases? It will differ depending on your business and audience!
    5. Press Release due April 10!
  4. Work on your website– it must be finished and live by April 10! What pages do you have?

    1. Landing page– also called the home page. Put your logo and business info on this page. Include pictures and descriptions of what your product/service is and where it can be found. Use information from your business plan!
    2. About page– Logo at the top. This page is about you, the founder/creator and why you started the business. Include a picture of yourself! Include contact information. Use information from your business plan!
    3. Purchase page– Don’t forget your logo! The page should include where the customer can buy your product or service, or if you plan to sell online, this is where you put your products and the ability to order them.
  5. Be sure you have your logo finalized and ready to give to us, and your business card should be finished. If it’s not, let us know.

1/30 Lesson 13

PowerPoint Presentation Template

  • Make a copy of the presentation
  • You can use any background you want
  • You must have the same information on these slides
  • You can add slides but you can’t delete any
  • Use gifs and videos to make it interesting!

PowerPoint Presentation Speech Cards

  • Remember not to read the slides
  • Your speech should tell a story
  • Talk about past successes and everything you’ve done to be successful now
  • Your speech should be 90-100% memorized before the presentation