Powerpoint Template & Speech Cards

Here is the link to the PowerPoint template for your Investor Panel presentation. 

Here is the link to the Speech Cards that will match your PowerPoint.

  1. Open the link,
  2. go to File, then Make a copy
  3. save it to your own Google Drive,
  4. rename it with your business name,
  5. share it with me at rachthomas1969@gmail.com and mbchamber1@gmail.com

Think about how you want your audience to feel when you talk about your product. How can you make sure the presentation gets them to feel that way?

  • The background theme is boring. Change it.
  • There are no animations. Put some in.
  • Add pictures, short videos, humor! Make your presentation interesting.
  • You may NOT change any of the slides or the order of the slides.

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