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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on passion


4/18 Lesson 23

In today's class we reviewed how you access your Investor Panel money! Please make copies of today's handout and be sure to fill it out thoroughly and turn it in to the Chamber with copies of your receipts. Remember that you can't access your Investor money until you've demonstrated, with receipts, that you have spent … Continue reading 4/18 Lesson 23

2/14 Niche Marketing, student introductions, mentor visit #6

For next week: Review your design pieces– show them to family and friends for feedback. Practice your presentation using your notecards. Think about questions to ask at the CEO Panel– due Feb. 28 What do you want to know about getting started? I will be absent next class, but will send a nice powerpoint, and … Continue reading 2/14 Niche Marketing, student introductions, mentor visit #6

1/31 Lesson 13

E-Commerce, web concepts, web strategy planning, and mentor visit #4!! Presentation on ecommerce-2017-- how do you sell online? Make the best website? Fill out the web development concepts worksheet. This is to help you PLAN your site and its structure. Mentor Visit #4-- Finish your business plan!! Begin working on your slideshow! yea-powerpoint-template-17 Begin working on your … Continue reading 1/31 Lesson 13

1/24 Lesson 12

Our Insurance speaker cancelled last minute!! We will reschedule. Work on your business plan. You need to have it finished by the end of next week's class. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Tonight is our 3rd mentor visit. Let's finish our financials-- monthly operating costs, projected income statements, start-up investments, and your financing strategy.